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A company specializing in the production of PVC products

Founded as a large joint venture enterprise in 2002 , Zhejiang MSD Group Share Co.,Ltd.

In 2002, Zhejiang MSD Group Share Co.,Ltd. was established in Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province. As PETG Film Manufacturer And PETG Film Supplier in China. Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on independent innovation, and regards technology and product innovation as important measures to enhance its core competitiveness. Through continuous research and development, MSD has developed into a three-dimensional product system company integrating environmentally friendly decorative materials, functional sports materials and other flexible materials, covering multiple application scenarios.

At present, MSD's main products include advertising cloth strips, PVC calendered film, PVC ceiling film, drop embroidery cloth, sunshade cloth, PVC tarpaulin, PVC mesh cloth, PVC tarpaulin, etc.

MSD welcomes new and old customers to achieve brilliant careers together!

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PETG film refers to a type of plastic film made from PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol), which is a thermoplastic polyester material. PETG film is a clear, flexible, and strong material that has a variety of applications in industries such as packaging, graphics, medical, and electrical.
PETG film is known for its excellent clarity, toughness, and resistance to impact, chemicals, and UV light. It is also easy to process and can be thermoformed into different shapes and sizes.
Some common uses of PETG film include food packaging, thermoformed trays, blister packs, clamshells, graphics overlays, and medical packaging. PETG film is also used in electrical applications, such as insulation and protective films for displays and touchscreens.
PETG film is a versatile material with many useful properties that make it a popular choice for various applications.
PETG film, also known as PET-G (glycol modified PET) film, is a type of clear thermoplastic polyester film made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resin. PETG film is a strong and durable material that is widely used in various applications due to its unique properties and versatility.
Some common applications of PETG film include:
Packaging: PETG film is often used for packaging products that require high visibility, such as food, beverages, and consumer goods. It is also used for blister packaging and clamshell packaging.
Displays: PETG film is a popular choice for displays, including point-of-purchase displays, signage, and window displays, due to its high transparency, impact resistance, and ease of fabrication.
Graphics and printing: PETG film is suitable for various printing applications, including screen printing, digital printing, and offset printing. It is also used for protective laminates in graphics applications.
Medical devices: PETG film is often used for medical device components that require transparency, such as face shields, visors, and lenses. It is also used for packaging medical devices.
Electrical insulation: PETG film is used as electrical insulation due to its high dielectric strength, low moisture absorption, and resistance to chemicals and heat.
Overall, PETG film is a versatile material with excellent mechanical, thermal, and optical properties. It is used in a wide range of applications in various industries due to its high clarity, strength, and durability.