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A company specializing in the production of PVC products

Founded as a large joint venture enterprise in 2002 , Zhejiang MSD Group Share Co.,Ltd.

In 2002, Zhejiang MSD Group Share Co.,Ltd. was established in Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province. As PVC Tarpaulin Manufacturer And PVC Inflatable Fabric Supplier in China. Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on independent innovation, and regards technology and product innovation as important measures to enhance its core competitiveness. Through continuous research and development, MSD has developed into a three-dimensional product system company integrating environmentally friendly decorative materials, functional sports materials and other flexible materials, covering multiple application scenarios.

At present, MSD's main products include advertising cloth strips, PVC calendered film, PVC ceiling film, drop embroidery cloth, sunshade cloth, PVC tarpaulin, PVC mesh cloth, PVC tarpaulin, etc.

MSD welcomes new and old customers to achieve brilliant careers together!

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Uses of PVC Tarpaulin and PVC Inflatable Fabric
Uses of PVC Tarpaulin:
Shelter and covering: PVC tarps are commonly used to create temporary or permanent shelters, covering structures, and protecting goods and equipment from the elements.
Truck and trailer covers: PVC tarpaulin is often used to make truck curtains, trailer covers, and cargo liners, providing weather protection for transported goods.
Agriculture and farming: It is utilized in agricultural applications such as greenhouse covers, grain covers, hay bale covers, and livestock shelters.
Construction and building: PVC tarpaulin is used in the construction industry for scaffolding enclosures, temporary roofs, and site barriers.
Outdoor events and camping: It is employed for making tents, awnings, canopies, and other outdoor event structures.
Industrial applications: PVC tarpaulin is used as industrial curtains, machine covers, protective barriers, and containment systems.
Advertising and signage: PVC tarpaulin can be printed on, making it suitable for large format outdoor advertising banners and signage.
Uses of PVC Inflatable Fabric:
Inflatable Toys: PVC inflatable fabric is commonly used in the production of inflatable toys such as bounce houses, inflatable slides, inflatable pools, and inflatable play structures.
Water Sports and Recreation: It is used in inflatable boats, kayaks, paddleboards, inflatable rafts, and other water sports equipment.
Advertising and Promotional Inflatables: PVC inflatable fabric is often used for advertising inflatables, such as inflatable arches, inflatable tents, inflatable mascots, and inflatable product replicas for promotional events and trade shows.
Inflatable Structures: It is utilized in the construction of inflatable structures like inflatable domes, inflatable buildings, and inflatable event spaces for temporary or portable purposes.
Air Mattresses and Air Beds: PVC inflatable fabric is employed in the production of air mattresses, camping beds, and inflatable sleeping pads for comfortable outdoor sleeping solutions.
Inflatable Decorations: PVC inflatable fabric is used to create inflatable decorations for events, parties, festivals, and holiday displays.
Medical and Rescue Applications: PVC inflatable fabric is sometimes used in medical applications such as inflatable splints, rescue rafts, and inflatable stretchers.